Resources and tools

V-Accelerator provides prospective partners with a wealth of resources and tools:

V-Accelerator Resource Engine

V-Accelerator uses a modular approach to glue various components together to form a solution.


Front end
UI, UX, App, Web, Bots, Contacts, Media attachments, Location, Notifications, Phone sensors, Social & Business Channels, Multiple Channel support, Immersive Reality (AR & VR),
Robotics plug-in.

back end
Calling, Messaging, Video, Big Data, Encryption, Security, Conversation manager, Portals, SDK, AI, API, Blockchain Services (Private & Public), Machine Learning, Robotics.

Hosting & storage, Direct Charge to Bill, Payments, IoT, API’s, Ecosystem platform, 3rd Party integration layers, open source micro services, modular service plug-ins.

IoT platform, Hardware, Integration, Sensors, Translation engine, Firmware.


We use skilled 4 year university degree engineers from reputable universities in SA, Sweden, India and the US (electronic and computer engineering)

Some of the platforms that we use:

Link, Zaark, Hi.Guru, Thunder

Vodacom DCB, ThingWorx, RMCS, Global IM platforms, Google, AWS

Some of the processes we follow:

– Agile – SCRUM.

– UML (Unified modeling language) for modeling of requirements and system analysis and designs.

– TDD (Test driven development), where tests are written first.

– Continuous integration.

We use best of breed development tools, like:

– Slack

– Redmine

– Jira

– Ansible and Capistrano for automation

– Github


The labs are state of the art facilities providing all of the infrastructure necessary to kick start a project, whether it is server hosting, fast bandwidth, security, in-app billing or access to the latest hardware & software.


The labs are packed with a range of hardware for prototyping such as sensors, wireless antennas, actuators, boards and development kits. The facilities provide the perfect ‘white coat’ environment to build boards, custom enclosures and test using the latest equipment.


Various software programs and platforms are available for third parties to develop on with full SDK’s and API’s e.g. Link, ThingWorx, RMCS, Hi.Guru etc

Development Resources

Key to the V-Accelerators program is having access to skilled development staff that can assist in hardware and software design, prototyping and debugging. Staffing in the following disciplines are available:



(includes Disruptive, Convergence and Ecosystem Design)


UX/UI Design


Business Analysis
(includes MVP launch, funding and ‘Go-to-market’ strategy)


Project management


Innovative Technology Collaboration
(includes Blockchain, VR, AR, Robotics, AI, Platforms, Outsourced Development, IoT, etc.)


Entrepreneurship, Mentorship & Network Partners


Software engineering (Front end and Back end)


Embedded Systems engineering.

Process Methodology

V-Accelerator follows a proven methodology of agile and design led thinking for rapid prototyping, testing, debugging, project planning, workshopping, roadmapping and ultimately, commercialisation.


As a temporary resident not only do you have access to lab development facilities but also to hot desks with fast internet, reception, kitchen and barista stations. Temporary residents are given time based access cards for the duration of their project.


V-Accelerator is a great place to show off your business. It is an extremely high tech, creative and relaxed environment for customers to view your product in a workshop environment or on state of the art audio visual screens. Partners also have access to matchmaking opportunities through the V-Accelerator network of partners and investors.

Accelerator Funding

Participants get access to apply towards local and international funds, VC’s and accelerator units to enable scaled launch into market post POC and MVP

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Terms and Conditions Governing the Submission and Review of Third Party Submissions (“Terms and Conditions”)

Thank you for making contact with Vodacom (Pty) Ltd (“Vodacom”). Vodacom does not enter into any idea sharing with any third party without a formal written agreement in place. It is specifically recorded that any and all agreements entered into by Vodacom, must be duly signed by the authorised Vodacom representative.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the term Submission means any information that you have sent to Vodacom by e-mail, printed document, instant message or any other communication medium. These Terms and Conditions must be accepted and signed in order to submit your Submission to Vodacom and enter into any discussions with Vodacom.

If you choose to make a Submission to Vodacom, Vodacom will review the Submission to determine whether it may be of benefit to Vodacom’s range of products or services. Vodacom will not typically enter into any confidential discussion either through a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) or otherwise. Vodacom may consider confidentiality only once it has gained sufficient understanding of the proposal, in terms of your Submission.

Making Contact with Vodacom
  1. You acknowledge that your Submission to Vodacom is unsolicited and Vodacom is not liable in any manner whatsoever due to its receipt of any Submission.
  2. You warrant that the proposal and ideas in your Submission are your own, and that by using and/or implementing your proposal, Vodacom will not be infringing on the rights of any third party.
  3. The disclosure of any information in the Submission will not be treated in a confidential manner.
  4. Vodacom makes no guarantee that it will use any information contained in any Submissions in any manner whatsoever.
  5. Vodacom is under no obligation to respond to a Submission within any time period.
  6. Engaging with Vodacom
  7. Any interactions between yourself and Vodacom does not imply that Vodacom is not already contemplating same or engaging, either directly or through a partner or third party, in an idea which is similar to or contained in any form, in your Submission.
  8. Vodacom may have already implemented or can already be in the process of implementing or developing, either directly or via a partner or third party, an idea which is specified, similar and/or related to your Submission. Vodacom will not be liable in any manner whatsoever if this situation arises.
  9. Any response or lack of response from Vodacom does not imply any action from Vodacom or put Vodacom under any obligation whatsoever.
  10. Protecting your rights before engaging with Vodacom
  11. If you believe that your Submission contains any Intellectual Property (IP) which you have developed or devised, then you are required to secure these IP or patent rights, at your own cost, before engaging with Vodacom.
  12. Disclosure of any features of an idea or invention prior to filing for IP or patent protection may subsequently invalidate any patent or IP protection you seek after the date of disclosure.
  13. Any existing protected rights must be disclosed to Vodacom at the time of your Submission.
  14. You are strongly advised to seek independent professional advice as to the possibility of safeguarding any potentially inventive element contained within your Submission, prior to submitting your Submission to Vodacom.
  15. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions
  16. Following your signature of these Terms and Conditions and your Submission to Vodacom:
  17. Vodacom will at its discretion engage with you regarding this Submission.
  18. These Terms and Conditions will apply to any prior communications and interactions you may have had with Vodacom or its representatives related to any ideas or information contained in or related to this Submission.
  19. Rejecting of these Terms
  20. In the event that you are not prepared to accept these Terms and Conditions, then you should not make any Submission to Vodacom.
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