Self-Service Technology Could Redefine Your Business

Self-service technology has proven to provide greater overall flexibility, innovation, and organic cooperation across varying businesses and departments, we showcase just why its an important aspect to consider for businesses.

Software architects today have a lot to think about when developing a self-service technology platform. They face choices about if and how to integrate new technologies such as IoT and AI, whether to store data locally or in the cloud, and how to best protect their assets against countless security threats. And every choice has to be made with a view of what’s best for the business not just today but in the future. Embracing technology to meet short-term needs could make it harder to innovate and thrive down the road.

Defining the best self-service technology infrastructure: Needs first, technology second

So, what’s the best self-service technology platform and engagement model for your business? Well, that depends. Each business is unique with different customers, business models, and business needs. Companies need to know their business inside and out first to make this decision.

Start by asking yourself what is most important to your business: consistency or flexibility? Businesses that are more traditionally integrated with well-defined product lines that serve homogeneous sets of customers may find that a more centralised approach is best for their specific business needs. The earlier that companies can address the question of technology centralisation versus decentralisation, the better. Because building a comprehensive technology platform can be complicated and expensive, making the wrong decision for your business can be a waste of money and time and could even put the business in jeopardy. Before making a decision, make sure to start and end with the goal of better serving customers.

According to Infosys:

Companies must operate key digital initiatives at scale and focus on a broad range of technologies to reach the most advanced stage of digital transformation

Self-Service Technology Conclusion

A self-service approach to technology has proven to provide greater overall flexibility, innovation, and organic cooperation across varying businesses and departments, which further allows a portfolio of businesses to better serve their own customers, which is reflected in each individual business’ growth, as well as the company growth as a whole.


The V-Accelerator Partnership Model

V-Accelerator recognizes that not every business is the same and we offer various ways for successful applicants to partner with us and create a technology space that can truly impact lives and businesses. This could be as simple as having a meeting in our labs and giving advice, marketing the product, signing a collaboration agreement to solve a big problem, or connecting the Partner with investment funding. Interested? Why not get in touch with us today to learn more.


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